The Parks

Magnificent landscapes, extraordinary biodiversity and unique cultural assets are just a few examples of the treasures found in the Swiss parks. Located between two linguistic regions, the Jura Arc has six regional nature parks spread over nine cantons, from Schaffhausen to Geneva. Linked by La Route Verte, these parks share many common features while preserving their regional specificities that you can discover throughout your trip.

Swiss Parks Network

The Swiss Parks Network is the umbrella association for parks and park projects in Switzerland.

Netzwerk Schweizer Pärke
Monbijoustrasse 61
CH-3007 Bern

T +41 31 381 10 71

Schaffhausen Regional Nature Park

The Schaffhausen Nature Park presents unique natural and cultural treasures, with a wide range of features: from the Rhine to the Randen hills, forests, typical villages and vast vineyards and crops. The Park includes the Swiss regions of Randen, Südranden, Hochrhein, Klettgau and Reiat and extends over two German municipalities, making it the first trans-border park in Switzerland.

Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen
Hauptstrasse 50
CH-8217 Wilchingen

T +41 52 533 27 07

Argovia Jurapark

The Argovia Jurapark, a hilly landscape of the Jura Mountains and Tabular Jura, lies between Brugg, Laufenburg, Rheinfelden and Aarau. Located near the urban centres of Basel and Zurich, this natural and relaxing space invites you for exciting experiences and various activities. The park office is located in Linn (Bözberg municipality), not far from the "Linner Linde", a magnificent centuries-old lime tree.

Jurapark Aargau
Linn 51
CH-5225 Bözberg

T +41 62 877 15 04

Thal Nature Park

Ideally located in the mountain range of the Solothurn Jura, Thal Natural Park and its landscapes rich in flower meadows, mountain restaurants and castle ruins can be explored on foot or by bike. Our insider’s tip: follow the theme and discovery trails, visit the many museums and enjoy delicious specialities from the region.

Naturpark Thal
Hölzlistrasse 57
4710 Balsthal

T +41 62 386 12 30

Doubs Nature Park

The typical landscapes of the Franches-Montagnes, alternating between vast wooded pastures and deep forests, have been shaped over the centuries by livestock farming of horses and cattle. To the north of the plateau, steep slopes plunge towards the Doubs, whose gorges form a large part of the natural border with France.

Parc du Doubs
Place du 23-juin 6
Case postale 316
CH-2350 Saignelégier

T +41 (0)32 420 46 70

Chasseral Nature Park

Balcony of the Swiss Jura, the Chasseral portrays many faces: pastures, vineyards, combs, plateaus and valleys. Its inhabitants, proud of their roots, are pioneers of high technologies. Quality watches and cheeses of great reputation are a sure bet. Here, everyone can enjoy life’s true pleasures

Parc régional Chasseral
Place de la gare 2
CP 219
CH-2610 St-Imier

T +41 (0)32 942 39 49

Jura vaudois Nature Park

Just a stone's throw from the cities of Geneva and Lausanne, the Jura vaudois Nature Park stretches from the summit of the Dôle to the medieval village of Romainmôtier, famous for its abbey church. To the north is the Vallée de Joux, famous for its watchmaking expertise and its lakes. On the other side of the Jura ridge dominated by Mont Tendre, the villages at the foot of the Jura offer breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Parc Jura vaudois
Rte du Marchairuz 2
CH-1188 St-George

T +41 22 366 51 70