The Land of the Green Fairy



Tourisme neuchâtelois
Boutique Goût & Région
Place de la Gare
CH-2103 Noiraigue
T +41 32 889 68 96

Maison de l’Absinthe
Grande Rue 10
CH-2112 Môtiers
T+41 32 860 10 00

It is here in the heart of the Val-de-Travers that the absinthe elixir was born in the middle of the 18th century, based on medicinal plants and distilled by the herbalist Mother Henriod. Over time, production of absinthe intensified and the demand as well as consumption grew to the detriment of the wine makers. Thujone, a molecule present in the absinthe plant, was accused of driving people mad, so absinthe was prohibited in 1910. Some people resisted against the prohibition and continued to produce the elixir in secret. They continued to do so for nearly 100 years until the prohibition was lifted in 2005. During the prohibition, absinth had the nickname “the blue”. The Maison de l’Absinthe in Môtiers retraces its economic, social and cultural history. Many craft distilleries may also be visited in the region.

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